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TitleBODY WORLDS South Africa (view sites with similar title)
Description African Premiere of BODY WORLDS The Cycle of Life
KeywordsBody Worlds South Africa, Body Worlds and the Cycle of Life, Body Worlds The Original Exhibition, Body Worlds Cape Town, Plastination, Body Worlds, Dr Gunther von Hagens, Body Worlds Exhibition Cape Town
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body worlds south africa. body worlds south africa. African Premiere of body worlds The Cycle of Life.
Exhibition Info. Welcome. Hours & Tickets. Group Bookings. Directions & Parking. Store. About body worlds.
FAQ. Amazing Facts. plastination. Videos. Body Donation. Official body worlds page. Community.
Education. School Testimonials. News Releases. Media. Quotes. Jobs. Partners. Interactive.
Visitors Guest Book. Promotions. Competitions. Terms & Conditions. Awareness. Facebook. Talks & Workshops.
Contact. Welcome to the African Première of. body worlds   The Cycle of Life. Blue Ocean Exhibitions and anatomist dr gunther von hagens announce that body worlds The Cycle of Life makes its African première at the VA Waterfront from 31 October 2012. The exhibition has been shown in more than 70 cities throughout the world and seen by over 35 million people and is bound to have widespread appeal among South African and international audiences.
body worlds The Cycle of Life is an anatomical ...

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  34. Blue Ocean Exhibitions
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