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Thu Feb 22 23:46:19 2018

Information about: cansa.org.za
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TitleCANSA – The Cancer Association of South Africa (view sites with similar title)
Category: Regional / Africa / South Africa / Health
Description The Cancer Association of South Africa helps you to fight cancer through its unique integrated service driven by research. Please donate CANSA Raise Funds Online for CANSA CANSA Shavathon Newsletter Sign up for Membership Volunteer Your Services Work...
Address http://www.cansa.org.za Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @cansa
Research - Educate - Support | CANSA’s purpose is to lead fight against cancer in SA by offering holistic cancer care & support to all people affected by cancer
RT @945Kfm: We say farewell to @MarkPilgrimZA today. Have a great final #KiaTake40SA and thank you for being part of the family. http://t.…
Facebook groups/ChampionsofHope/

Cansa - Site Review: Cancer Association of South Africa - The Cancer Association of South Africa is a non-profit organization set up to fight cancer and offer support to cancer sufferers.

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CANSA – The Cancer Association of South Africa. The Cancer Association of South Africa helps you to fight cancer through its unique integrated service driven by research.
Please donate CANSA. Raise Funds Online for CANSA. CANSA Shavathon Newsletter. Sign up for Membership.
Volunteer Your Services. Work for CANSA. Raise Funds Online. Support Online Fundraisers. Buy Products to Support CANSA.
Partner with CANSA. Share Your Story. Write On Our wall. About Cancer. Types of Cancer. Treatment.
Cancer Myths. CancerCare Coping Kit. Stories of Hope. Useful Links. Holistic Care Support.
Information Service. Screening Cancer Control. Specialist Care Treatment. CANSA Care Homes.
Individual Counselling. Support Groups. Children Youth. Overview. Children Youth. Women's Health.
Men's Health. Balanced Lifestyle. SunSmart. No-Tobacco. Environment. CANSA Research. Research Findings.
Research Projects. Research Funding Grants. Our Research Team. Notice Board. Support Our Research.
Overview. Alerts. Dangerous ...

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960066 2013-05-15
877667 2013-01-08

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  1. Take Care of Your Skin
  2. Please donate CANSA
  3. Raise Funds Online for CANSA
  4. CANSA Shavathon Newsletter
  5. CANSA - The Cancer Association of South Africa
  6. Get Involved at CANSA
  7. Sign up for Membership
  8. Volunteer Your Services
  9. Work for CANSA
  10. Support Online Fundraisers
  11. Buy Products to Support CANSA
  12. Partner with CANSA
  13. Share Your Story
  14. Write On Our wall
  15. Cope with cancer
  16. Types of Cancer
  17. Treatment
  18. Cancer Myths
  19. CancerCare Coping Kit
  20. Stories of Hope
  21. Useful Links
  22. Cancer Care Service
  23. Information Service
  24. Screening Cancer Control
  25. Specialist Care Treatment
  26. CANSA Care Homes
  27. Individual Counselling
  28. Support Groups
  29. Children Youth
  30. Prevention Early Detection
  31. Women's Health
  32. Men's Health
  33. Balanced Lifestyle
  34. No-Tobacco
  35. Environment
  36. Cancer Research
  37. Research Findings
  38. Research Projects
  39. Research Funding Grants
  40. Our Research Team
  41. Notice Board
  42. Support Our Research
  43. CANSA Advocacy
  44. Alerts
  45. Dangerous Products
  46. Advocacy Campaigns
  47. What CANSA believes
  48. CANSA's Seal of Recognition
  49. CANSA News
  50. Focus of the Month
  51. Fundraising Events Projects
  52. Shavathon
  53. Relay For Life
  54. Cuppa For CANSA
  55. Sanlam Cancer Challenge
  56. Movember
  57. CANSA Care Centres
  58. Head Office
  59. Eastern Cape
  60. Free State
  61. Gauteng
  62. KwaZulu-Natal
  63. Mpumalanga
  64. North West/ Limpopo
  65. Northern Cape
  66. Western Cape
  67. About CANSA
  68. Unique Role Service Delivery
  69. Governance People
  70. Annual Reports Financial Statements
  71. AGM Notices, Agendas Minutes
  72. Contact CANSA
  73. Causes Cancer in SA Link to Stress
  74. 5 Steps to beating cancer in SA...
  75. CANSA on Efficacy of Sunscreen Available in South Africa
  76. CARISA call for research (childhood prostate cancer screening) funding proposals
  77. Read the latest research on skin cancer
  78. PPT's of talks by CANSA Research
  79. how we make a difference how funds raised help fight cancer
  80. CANSA awarded "Ask Afrika Trust Barometer Award"
  81. CANSA contributed 32 375 signatures towards the UICC World Cancer Declaration
  82. Director-General of Health endorses CANSA's Seal of Recognition (CSOR)
  83. about CSOR
  84. Thank You Mo Bro's and Mo Sista's
  85. Retailers contine to sell banned BPA-containing baby bottles
  86. Our CANSA Volunteers the Face of HOPE
  87. Reduce your risk for skin cancer
  88. SunSmart sunscreens, garments apparel
  89. Be SunSmart - protect our Youth with UV suits
  90. Comprehensive insurance policy aimed at meeting the financial needs of those diagnosed with cancer
  91. CANSA eNewsletters – health messages for 2012
  92. "Life" online magazine
  93. Neil's Lessons Learnt from Cancer
  94. Die Pad wat Ons Stap – Ons Kankerreis
  95. Great in her life – and an inspiration to others
  96. Our International Heroes of HOPE
  97. A nurse's tale of hope - Rita Naidoo
  98. CANSA celebrates Survivors
  99. Meet Fellow Survivors on Facebook
  100. Find your Relay
  101. Contact your local CANSA Care Centre
  102. get screened today
  103. watch video
  104. CancerCare Coping Kit Audioprogramme
  105. eKick Butt Programme - QUIT smoking TODAY with Sergeant Kick Butt
  106. Buy a CANSA Diary
  107. Help Teens raise Funds for CANSA's Youth Programmes
  108. Nashua Mobile Rebate for CANSA
  109. Personal Touch Jewellery, Stickers T-Shirts for Womens Health
  110. Buy ghd Pink Cherry Blossom Styler support Women's Health
  111. Wear a Geneva "Fight Like a Girl" watch
  112. Marie Claire Kindest Cut Campaign
  113. Book re cancer-free lifestyle - Life is Beautiful
  114. Make A Difference
  115. Receive Email updates from CANSA
  116. Join CANSA on Facebook
  117. Follow CANSA on twitter
  118. Watch CANSA YouTube videos
  119. Follow CANSA on RSS
  120. Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products opened for signature
  121. Wings at Our Feet – Ride for Life
  122. Every BOOB counts – 100 miler in aid of Women’s Health
  123. Mo Bro’s at Eazi Access Rental Raise R37 000
  124. See All
  125. Sanlam Cancer Golf Challenge
  126. National Lottery
  127. Contact us
  128. Terms Conditions
  129. PAIA
  130. Website by AO Design
  131. Powered by WordPress

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