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Sun Mar 18 18:10:08 2018

Information about: farmersweekly.co.za
Popularity/access rank: Site number 977 (.za extension); 346594 (global rank)
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TitleFarmer's Weekly | Home (view sites with similar title)
Description Farmer's Weekly is the oldest agricultural magazine in South Africa. 100 years of farming.
Keywordsfarmers weekly, farms, farmers, news, tractors, cows, auctions, crop, cattle , agriculture, english, magazine, land, news, land reform, conservation, conservation agriculture, South Africa, Agri, Alita van Wyk, agricultural, agricultural news, shows, sheep, pigs, maize, wheat, soya, game, business, commodities, wine, pigeons, horse, developing farmers, farming, no-till, harvesting, livestock, Angus Buchan, animal, hitching post, emerging farmers, tractors, farm equipment, weather, farming blog, fresh produce, tax advice
Address http://www.farmersweekly.co.za Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @FarmersWeeklySA
South Africa's oldest and most trusted agricultural magazine. 103 years in the driver's seat bringing you the latest news in #agriculture. 2012 PICA winner.
#Nampo2014 Chianina heifer, 542kg at 22 months, certified 4 months in calf. http://t.co/S4mh5GcZnb http://t.co/HsocypBxmY
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Farmer's Weekly | Home. Home. news. Latest news. farming for tomorrow. Press Releases.
Useful documents. Opinion. Editor's letter. Readers' letters. By invitation. Voting polls.
Blogs. From the land. business. business. business features. Bottomline. Global farming.
Managing for profit. tax advice. Markets. Farm prices. Grain prices. Sectors. livestock.
crops. horses. pigeons. fresh produce. game and wildlife. conservation agriculture. Rural insight.
New on the land. Aquaculture. Technical. What's new. What's new. Vehicles. Reviews.
Bakkie prices. How to. business. crop production. livestock production. Aviation. Aviation.
Equipment. news and Reviews. Tractor prices. Lifestyle. Field sports. Hillbilly homes.
The hitching post. Real cooking for real men. Multimedia. Video Clips. General. Interviews.
Digital magazine. Subscribe. Galleries. shows. Other. Your images. Social Media. Twitter.
Facebook. Useful contacts. Industry organisations. ...

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Alexa Rank Alexa Rank Date
346594 2013-05-15
373210 2013-05-01
441118 2013-04-15
345858 2013-04-01
400739 2013-03-15
537239 2013-03-01
810007 2013-02-15
941841 2013-01-08
663741 2012-11-17
721600 2010-06-10

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  2. Home
  3. Latest news
  4. Farming for tomorrow
  5. Press Releases
  6. Useful documents
  7. Editor's letter
  8. Readers' letters
  9. By invitation
  10. Voting polls
  11. Blogs
  12. From the land
  13. Business features
  14. Bottomline
  15. Global farming
  16. Managing for profit
  17. Tax advice
  18. Farm prices
  19. Grain prices
  20. Livestock
  21. Crops
  22. Horses
  23. Pigeons
  24. Fresh Produce
  25. Game and wildlife
  26. Conservation agriculture
  27. Rural insight
  28. New on the land
  29. Aquaculture
  30. What's new
  31. Reviews
  32. Bakkie prices
  33. Business
  34. Crop production
  35. Livestock production
  36. Aviation
  37. News and Reviews
  38. Tractor prices
  39. Field sports
  40. Hillbilly homes
  41. The Hitching post
  42. Real cooking for real men
  43. General
  44. Interviews
  45. Subscribe
  46. Shows
  47. Other
  48. Your images
  49. Twitter
  50. Facebook
  51. Industry organisations
  52. Commodity Organisations
  53. Agricultural suppliers
  54. Breeders' associations and societies
  55. Auction reports
  56. Auction diary
  57. Classifieds
  58. Fighting infections
  59. Fifth Annual Production Sale of the Hencil Dohne Stud
  60. The precious giant
  61. Top female farmer’s Dorper success in the Karoo
  62. Managing nitrogen in beans
  63. Mentors, not freebies, drive this agri project
  64. Ostrich industry suffers worst avian flu outbreak yet
  65. Land Bank: back on track
  66. Eskom’s plans for renewable energy for SA’s grid
  67. Amazing Appaloosa patterns
  68. Saddened & annoyed
  69. How we can help save South Africa
  70. Breeding indigenous Ngunis in the Piketberg
  71. Jumping high!
  72. Strautmann mixer wins award
  73. Frame ('http://ads.caxtonmags.co.za/openx/www/delivery/afr.php?zoneid=275cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE')
  74. On being white:
  75. De Doorns despatches – 2
  76. For the sheer love of farming
  77. New Year messages
  78. A year of self-serving politics
  79. Quo vadis South African agriculture?
  80. Value-adding in the eastern Free State
  81. Forex frolics
  82. Preparing your soil - part 1
  83. Protect the soil by controlling erosion
  84. Diarrhoea in sheep and goats - part 1
  85. Castrating your beef calves
  86. Bosveld Boer Goat Club Sale
  87. Bosveld Bonsmara Group Sale
  88. Limpopo Bonsmara Club Sale
  89. Kroon Vee Production Sale
  90. Catch & release - alive!
  91. A multi-use chalet
  92. Do-it-yourself strawbale building
  93. The old professor, Ben Engelbrecht
  94. Back to work for farm workers in De Doorns
  95. Gerbils plague maize farmers
  96. Redwater disease outbreak in Mpumalanga
  97. Average of 1,8 rhino per day killed in January
  98. Astral’s profit plummets
  99. Boland fire burns fynbos, vineyards and orchards
  100. Two very different farmer reactions to recent episodes of farm violence
  101. Western Cape farm workers reject unions
  102. Another brutal farm murder and attack
  103. Getting started with pigs – 2
  104. Livestock Disease Trends (as informally reported by vets in South Africa) December 2012
  105. Weather
  106. Website
  107. This week's recipe
  108. Win a Canon PowerShot SX130!
  109. Terms and conditions

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