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Thu Feb 22 23:56:19 2018

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TitleG3ECS (view sites with similar title)
Description G3ECS Search for: Search these: Members Groups Forums Posts Home Activity Forums Groups Members Projects G3CKO About Contact Resources Sponsors Previous Entries by Nicholas Introduction to HTML 30 May 2012 in Events , G3ECS Information Tonight Nathan...
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G3ECS. G3ECS. Search for: Search these: Members Groups Forums Posts. Home Activity Forums Groups Members Projects G3CKO About Contact Resources Sponsors.
Previous Entries.by Nicholas. Introduction to HTML. 30 May 2012 in Events , G3ECS Information.
Tonight Nathan introduced the club to HTML and developing for the web. He started his session with a warm up, questions and answers session and handed out chocolates and sweet to those who had done some home work and had the right answers.
We first covered the basic tools you need to begin developing; A text editor, Image manipulation and creation tools, an FTP client as well as a local development server.
We then went on to create our first web page and add color to the page and learnt about the basic page elements as well as in line styling.
If you werent able to attend, you can download a copy of his presentation along with links to the various tools discussed here.
1 Comment by Bert van Leeuwen. Electronics reference posters. 24 May ...

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  43. Meet-up #6 Grand finale
  44. Sparkfun Inventor’s kit for Arduino
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