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Mon Apr 23 08:44:30 2018

Information about: sahistory.org.za
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TitleSouth African History Online (view sites with similar title)
Description about contact us contribute Search this site: advanced search saho home politics society people biographies arts culture sahistory timelines sites places africa l'afrique classroom resources media library publications exhibitions History Matters Blog DA...
KeywordsSouth Africa, South African History, History
Address http://www.sahistory.org.za Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @sahistoryonline
Critically examining our past and strengthening the teaching of history - towards a people's history. Visit http://t.co/3kkkIALo65
@Almostconvinced Noted.
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south african history Online. about contact us contribute. Search this site: advanced search.
saho home. politics society. people biographies. arts culture. sahistory timelines. sites places.
africa l'afrique. classroom resources. media library. publications exhibitions. history Matters Blog DA faces key challenges before it can rule in SA Cape Town’s secret white club Ahmed Kathrada pays tribute to Prof Jakes Gerwel The end of Our Generation – a tribute to Jakes Gerwel Why does south african history continue to be written primarily by white scholars? Solidarity trumps rule of law.
print. send to a friend. Decrease size. Default size. Increase size.south african history Online (SAHO) is a non-partisan people's history project. It was established in June 2000 as a non-profit Section 21 organisation, aiming to address the biased way in which the history and cultural heritage of south africans was represented in our educational and cultural institutions.
SAHO's mission is to break the silence of ...

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  1. South African History Online
  2. about
  3. contact us
  4. contribute
  5. advanced search
  6. politics society
  7. people biographies
  8. arts culture
  9. sahistory timelines
  10. sites places
  11. africa l'afrique
  12. classroom resources
  13. media library
  14. publications exhibitions
  15. DA faces key challenges before it can rule in SA
  16. Cape Town’s secret white club
  17. Ahmed Kathrada pays tribute to Prof Jakes Gerwel
  18. The end of Our Generation – a tribute to Jakes Gerwel
  19. Why does South African history continue to be written primarily by white scholars?
  20. Solidarity trumps rule of law
  21. South African History Online Facebook Page
  22. South African History Online Twitter Stream
  23. South African History Online Youtube Channel
  24. send to a friend
  25. Slide 1
  26. www.africamediaonline.com
  27. Slide 2
  28. Slide 3
  29. Slide 4
  30. africamediaonline
  31. Slide 5
  32. Slide 6
  33. Pre-1499
  34. more
  35. view other events on this day
  36. Khanyile William
  37. Abdul Samad Minty
  38. Dorothy Cleminshaw
  39. Makholeka Matthews Meyiwa
  40. Aitchison, John William
  41. Gerwel, Professor Gert “Jakes” Johannes
  42. Dlomo, Albert
  43. Mxolisi, Fuzile Jackson
  44. Mxakato, Kate
  45. Mweshilengewa, Nakale
  46. Mwandla, Dumisani Mwandla Robert
  47. Mvumba, Themba
  48. Mvene, David Zandizile
  49. partners and funders
  50. Resistance and Banishment in Witzieshoek
  51. Timeline of the Labour and Trade Union Movement in South Africa 1940 - 1959
  52. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and the Anti-Apartheid Struggle
  53. Timeline of the Labour and Trade Union Movement in South Africa 1920 - 1939
  54. The African People’s Democratic Union of Southern Africa (APDUSA)
  55. The South African History Online (SAHO) Graduate Internship Programme
  56. Timeline of the Labour and Trade Union Movement in South Africa 1881 - 1919
  57. WITS publication: One Hundred Years of the ANC - Liberation Histories and Democracy Today
  58. In Transit - Autobiography of A South African Freedom Fighter by Fanele Mbali
  59. Alfred B. Xuma: African, American, South African
  60. The Final Prize: My Life in the anti-apartheid struggle by Norman Levy
  61. Alex Hepple: South African Socialist by Bob Hepple
  62. Cape Flats Details - Life and Popular Art in Cape Town’s Townships
  63. Book launch: Slave Emancipation and Racial Attitudes in Nineteenth-Century South Africa by R.L. Watson
  64. WITS UNIVERSITY PRESS: launch of three publications
  65. Grade 5: Hunter-gatherers and herders in Southern Africa
  66. Grade 5: An ancient African society: Egypt
  67. Grade 5: A Heritage trail through the provinces of South Africa
  68. Organizing Women Now by Natal Organisation of Women, 1985
  69. Being-Black in the World by N.C. Mangayi
  70. Aspects of the experiences of 10 women in MK by Kongko Louis Makau
  71. Victims of Sharpeville and Langa massacre
  72. Pretoria Central Political Prisoners
  73. Political executions
  74. Drum Magazine
  75. Towards a people's culture, Art and Resistance under apartheid
  76. South Africa and the Olympic Games
  77. Board
  78. Donate
  79. Links
  80. Policy Copyright
  81. The Liberation Struggle
  82. uKhongolose
  83. Grade 9
  84. Grade 10
  85. Grade 11
  86. Zimbabwe
  87. Namibia
  88. Botswana
  89. Blog
  90. Newsletter
  91. Youtube
  92. Dumile Feni
  93. Franco Frescura
  94. Rick Turner

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