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TitleYourParenting - Passionate about Parenting (view sites with similar title)
Description YourParenting is the one-stop shop of information and advice for all moms and dads, taking you from fertility and pregnancy through to newborn care, babies, toddlers and children. We have expert articles and advice from Baba Kleuter, Your Pregnancy Magazine, Your Baby Magazine and Fit Pregnancy on feeding, sleeping, child health and illnesses, teething, potty-training, tantrums, school-readiness, and everything in-between (in English and Afrikaans). Our baby photo gallery and real life stories are fun for our readers, and our useful tools include a fertility calculator, due-date calculator, symptom charts, quizzes and fun free downloads, like birthday invitations and birth announcements, Afrikaanse rympies, decor patterns and important info. YourParenting.co.za also boasts an active MomtoMom.co.za community of mothers and fathers – the place to blog, post forums and upload photos and videos of your children. We're passionate about parenting!
Keywordsfertility, pregnancy, foetal development, 3D scans, labour pain, caesarian section, newborn care, breastfeeding help, baby care, weaning, starting solids, teething baby, baby milestones and development, toddler tantrums, potty training, child care, school readiness, being a mother, being a father, Baba & Kleuter, Your Pregnancy magazine, Your Baby magazine, Your Child magazine, Fit Pregnancy, due-date calculator, fertility calculator, free downloads, parent community, parent blogging, baby photo gallery, mother real-life stories, birth stories
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YourParenting - Passionate about Parenting. Your pregnancy: December/January 2012. Your Baby: December 2012.
Baba & Kleuter: Desember 2012. or see tags. Free newsletters Sign up Sign in. Afrikaans? Klik hier.
Sien Afrikaanse opskrifte Alle Afrikaanse artikels. Home Contact us About us Advertise fertility Boost your fertility.
Difficulty conceiving. Treatment options. Adoption. Miscarriage. Real life stories. pregnancy Getting ready for baby What will baby need?
Shopping guide. Family matters. Stem cell storage. Your unborn baby In the womb. Challenging pregnancies.
Checks tests. Twins multiples. pregnancy health Changing body. Nutrition. Exercises. Do's dont's.
Birth Birth options. Prepping for labour. Labour. Pain management. First minutes. birth stories.
pregnancy diaries of real moms Clarinda Duarte. Olga Jardine. Elbie Boonzaaier. Baby showers Shopping guide.
Beautiful party themes. Baby Newborn. Development Physical development. Emotional development.
Brain development. Feeding ...

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Your Pregnancy: December/January 2012


Your Baby: December 2012

Baba & Kleuter: Desember 2012




Kos wat jou kind stout maak, feit of mite?

Coping with your multiple pregnancy

How to make ice cream

Selecting toys for your child with special needs

Lentil purée

Safety check list

Children are little scientists

C-Sections Save Kids and Moms in Tanzania

Children are dressed after a mass baptism ceremony in the town of Mtskheta outside Tbilisi

How Aggressive Hyena Moms Give Their Kids a Boost


Miandri Ysel

Adoption: Fact vs fiction

Feeling your baby move

How much do you know about feeding your baby?

Top 10 cartoon characters

Expecting too much from your child

Love your baby

Am I pregnant? Pregnancy signs and symptoms

New baby shopping list

First aid in the home

Groeikaarte vir seuns en meisies

Skoolgereedheid werkstukke

Practical pregnancy sex tips

Opt to adopt

All about UIF

Ban infant milk formula?

Your childminder and the value of CPR training

Herken die uitslag

Domestic workers and nannies: contracts and wages

YourParenting workshops 2012



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  1. Your Pregnancy: December/January 2012
  2. Your Baby: December 2012
  3. Baba & Kleuter: Desember 2012
  4. or see tags
  5. Free newsletters
  6. Sign up
  7. Sign in
  8. Sien Afrikaanse opskrifte
  9. Alle Afrikaanse artikels
  10. Home
  11. Contact us
  12. About us
  13. Advertise
  14. Fertility
  15. Boost your fertility
  16. Difficulty conceiving
  17. Treatment options
  18. Adoption
  19. Miscarriage
  20. Real life stories
  21. Pregnancy
  22. Getting ready for baby
  23. What will baby need?
  24. Shopping guide
  25. Family matters
  26. Stem cell storage
  27. In the womb
  28. Challenging pregnancies
  29. Checks tests
  30. Twins multiples
  31. Changing body
  32. Nutrition
  33. Exercises
  34. Do's dont's
  35. Birth options
  36. Prepping for labour
  37. Labour
  38. Pain management
  39. First minutes
  40. Birth stories
  41. Pregnancy diaries of real moms
  42. Clarinda Duarte
  43. Olga Jardine
  44. Elbie Boonzaaier
  45. Baby showers
  46. Shopping guide
  47. Beautiful party themes
  48. Baby
  49. Newborn
  50. Physical development
  51. Emotional development
  52. Brain development
  53. Breastfeeding
  54. Bottle-feeding
  55. Introducing solids
  56. Nutrition tips
  57. Sleeping
  58. Crying soothing
  59. Health
  60. Symptom guides
  61. Colic
  62. Safety first aid
  63. Teething
  64. Body care
  65. Bathtime
  66. Caregivers
  67. Games
  68. Toys, books TV
  69. Toddler
  70. Brain development
  71. Physical development
  72. Emotional development
  73. Positive parenting
  74. Discipline
  75. Life skills
  76. Eating
  77. Sleeping
  78. Potty training
  79. Tantrums
  80. Health
  81. Symptom guides
  82. Safety first aid
  83. Activities
  84. Nursery school
  85. Toys, books TV
  86. Child
  87. Your social child
  88. Your emotional child
  89. Mental development
  90. Physical development
  91. Positive parenting
  92. Discipline
  93. Life skills
  94. Nutrition Tips
  95. Health
  96. Symptom guides
  97. Safety
  98. Activities
  99. Creative craft
  100. Toys gadgets
  101. Books
  102. Pre-School
  103. Big school
  104. Special needs
  105. ADHD
  106. Autism
  107. Down's syndrome
  108. Sensory modulation disorder
  109. Anxiety disorder
  110. Family
  111. Parenting
  112. Being a mom
  113. Being a dad
  114. Your love life
  115. Single parents
  116. Postnatal depression
  117. Home
  118. Finances legal stuff
  119. Get organised
  120. Pretty ideas
  121. Cleaning scrubbing tips
  122. Eco Mom
  123. Charities caring
  124. Work
  125. Recipes
  126. Baby food
  127. Lunchboxes picnics
  128. Breakfast
  129. Salads healthy food
  130. Quick easy dinners
  131. Soups, stews casseroles
  132. Friday night food
  133. Sweet treats
  134. Drinks
  135. Parties
  136. Themes
  137. Cakes
  138. Party food
  139. Special holidays
  140. Party invites
  141. Nursery décor
  142. Travel
  143. Blogs
  144. Ed's notes
  145. Briewe van Helen
  146. Yolandi Jordaan
  147. Mommy bloggers
  148. Competitions
  149. Facebook
  150. Twitter
  151. Kos wat jou kind stout maak, feit of mite?
  152. Coping with your multiple pregnancy
  153. How to make ice cream
  154. Selecting toys for your child with special needs
  155. Lentil purée
  156. October 2012 winners
  157. Safety check list
  158. More printables
  159. Children are little scientists
  160. Search names
  161. C-Sections Save Kids and Moms in Tanzania
  162. Iron may prevent behavioral issues in small babies
  163. Disability expected to rise as more premature babies survive
  164. After parent's cancer death, one in five kids self-injure
  165. How Aggressive Hyena Moms Give Their Kids a Boost
  166. More videos
  167. Miandri Ysel
  168. Adoption: Fact vs fiction
  169. Feeling your baby move
  170. How much do you know about feeding your baby?
  171. Top 10 cartoon characters
  172. Expecting too much from your child
  173. Love your baby
  174. Am I pregnant? Pregnancy signs and symptoms
  175. New baby shopping list
  176. First aid in the home
  177. Groeikaarte vir seuns en meisies
  178. Skoolgereedheid werkstukke
  179. Practical pregnancy sex tips
  180. Opt to adopt
  181. All about UIF
  182. Ban infant milk formula?

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